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The Clermont Group is an alliance of privately owned companies operating across Central Queensland. The Clermont Group works collaboratively and collectively to deliver a multitude of solutions to clients in the resources, construction, agriculture, commercial and industrial sectors.

Clermont Estates

ABN  36 143 473 607

Clermont Estates is a residential, commercial and industrial property developer committed to quality construction which invests in the sustainable future of regional communities.

Construction is currently underway with our latest project, Daintree Street Residences in Clermont.  This project consists of four 2 bedroom townhouses and four 3 bedroom townhouses.  Two townhouses have been sold, and the remainder have been leased.  Construction will be completed November 2012.

Development approval and operational works approval have been established for eighteen residences in Clermont, with construction yet to commence.

Development approval and subdivision approval for a 30-lot industrial subdivision in Clermont have also been established with construction to commence in late 2012.


Dan Mayes Managing Director



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