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The Clermont Group is an alliance of privately owned companies operating across Central Queensland. The Clermont Group works collaboratively and collectively to deliver a multitude of solutions to clients in the resources, construction, agriculture, commercial and industrial sectors.

Betacrete Precast

ABN  25 133 637 733

Betacrete Precast in Rockhampton has locally manufactured its line of concrete products for over 30 years.  Betacrete Precast products are made from high strength concrete by experienced professionals. 

We offer a diverse line of products which includes tanks and troughs, and products made specifically to meet the needs of our clients.  Our clients include those in the civil works, construction, government and agricultural sectors.

Truck Delivery: 

Betacrete Precast products are delivered with a crane truck or tilt tray truck which means they are easily placed exactly where you want them by a skilled and experienced driver.

Minimised Installation Costs:

Installation of Betacrete Precast products are minimised by no formwork costs, no delays waiting for premix concrete and reduced labour costs.  There is no wastage of excess concrete or clean up required.  Excavation is kept open for a minimum period and there are no delays waiting for concrete to develop strength.

High Strength: 

Betacrete Precast products only use high strength concrete to increase durability and strength and reduce permeability.


Betacrete Precast products are fully reinforced with conventional steel to increase strength and reduce tensile stress.


Betacrete Precast’s structural concrete is cured on site to ensure strength development.


Laurie Vogan
P:  0749 280521 



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